Rod's top ten cars of all time

The carbuyer who drives everything!

1 Porsche 911

Because of its iconic good looks, wonderful horizontally opposed flat six engine note. Just the way they make you feel there is no noise like the horizontally opposed boxster 6 – unique engine laout makes them sound so cool.

Even though I spent my entire pay packet on my 21 year old porshce every month,I still loved it

Came to a crescendo with the 997. Although the last air-cooled 993 will be a permanent classic and possibly the most beautifully proportioned 911 we’ll ever have.

2 Ferrari 360

What’s my favourite Ferrari? Do I like the Ferrari 308 because its Magnum’s car? Or do I like something more contemporary? The Ferrari 360 because there’s nothing that sounds like a Ferrari V8. It’s mid-engined V8 out-and-out Ferrari sportscar. The first of the current crop of contemporary Ferraris.

3 Aston martin vantage

There has to be an Aston martin vantage in the list because it’s just so outstandingl beautifly, the most complete engineered Aston ever. The vantage is much prettier than the db9 of bond fame. So compact but so cool.

4 Golf GTI

If only everything in life was a reliable as a Volkswagen. I’ve never been a massive golf gti fan but it’s a good timeless classic all-rounder, until I met my girlfriend’s gti. Classless timeless classic

5 Bmw e36 m3

We had one the other day – the oneyou phoned me up saying  ‘I can hear you’ because they’re 300 plus horse power, german engineered uality built sports car delivered at quite an amazing price. Proper good fun hooligan’s car. Sounds so nice at the rev limited.

6 Jaguar xjr

Epitome of English class and style. Sometimes it’s great to waft, ou don’t hurtle or spinmk you waft in a jag its’ commonely known. People look proud to have a jaguar, they’re the car everyone’s always aspired tohave and with the xjr you’ve got it all as well as a massive load of super-charged grunt. Subtle but fast a wonderful combination fo subtlety and speed.

7 Ford focus

It’s not boring! It’s one of the most wonderful chassis and most entertaining driving cars with the best steering  and ford have just spoilt the average motorist beyond their wildest dreams. There will never be a mid-sized hatch to handle as well as this car again because no-one else is developing multi link rear suspension system as ford do and you’ll never see a fully hydraulic steering system again on a contemporary car.

Fords do the best little cars

8 Bmw e90 335d

Current shaped bmw that the most complete car you can buy today – will do 40 to the gallon, handle like a sports car, room for your golf clubs how you can surprise unsuspecting passengers with its stunning turn of pace. A good Q car Subtle understated car that blends in but is really fast

9 Toyota corolla

Sometimes regardless of how fast you want to go or how much money you’ve got you need to have a car you can get in and start every time, will never break and there’ll never be a car as successful in getting you from one place to another as tirelessly and faultlessly as a Toyota corolla and that’s the first job of every car.


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