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The best part about our car buying service is our free collection. It really is free to you wherever you are!

Once you have accepted our valuation of your car or van, we arrange a mutually convenient appointment either at your home address or at your work, whichever is best for you. During this 30 minute appointment one of our experienced car buyers will inspect your car and take it for a short test drive. This is covered by our insurance. Once we agree to buy your car or van this is the price that you will be paid. There are no hidden admin fees, no collection fees and no additional cost to you at all. Our collection really is free.

We can also settle existing finance agreements. Outstanding finance is no problem. Just provide us with an up-to-date settlement letter from your finance company, or permission to contact them directly, to establish the amount outstanding. We’ll deduct this amount from the price agreed and arrange instant payment to you for the balance.

If your outstanding finance is more than the value of the car we can still buy it and settle the finance agreement. You’ll just need to pay us the difference by credit/debit card or in cash. Enter your registration number for a free valuation now and you’ll be on your way to turning your car into cash.

Our collection area includes but is not limited to:

Kings Lynn
Milton Keynes

and our base, Peterborough

Don’t worry if your region is not mentioned as we go the extra mile for the right car. Our car buyers have travelled by train, boat and even a couple of planes and the best bit is that the collection is still free of any cost to you.

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Enter your registration number and details for a free, no obligation quotation.  We use humans to value your car, not computers.


Instant payment

Immediate payment for your car by secure bank transfer or cash by prior arrangement. Turning your car into cash is safe and easy.


Free collection

We collect your car for free.  If you think you might be outside our collection area give us a call.  We'll go the extra mile for the right car!

  • Genuine offer to purchase

  • No hidden fees

  • Simple contract to sign

  • Instant payment for your car

  • We buy any car or van

  • The quick, convenient and safe car buying service

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